Improve Engagement, Performance and Well-Being

We offer one-on-one Strengths coaching and development sessions to supercharge individual careers. Whether it's about improving performance in an existing role, getting an internal promotion, or a professional pivot, understanding oneself from a strengths-based perspective is a proven, evidence-based way to be more successful.

It's a proven method to boost employee engagement, performance and well-being.

For teams or group-based assignments, we run workshops, which can be complemented with deeper individual sessions to facilitate an understanding of how personal strengths can be leveraged collaboratively to improve project, departmental or organisational outcomes.

Individual engagements start from just $229 per person for an Introductory Program to $549 for an Expert Report & Coaching Program.

If you'd like to talk more about individual coaching, setting up programs for multiple team members, senior leadership, or project-based work, then book a 30-minute video call.